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So sun beams surfing ? What is this ?

Well its the main Magic that enables the Glitzi Gums to travel the Universe.

Using this Magic the Glitzi Gums have travelled to our world, known as planet Earth.

The World of Quantum Science !

The bright stars that we see in the night sky are a very long way away, some are relatively near and some are relatively far and some are in between.

The majority of the bright stars that we see in the night sky are suns like our sun, which is an active ball of atomic 'fire'.

As you know, when the sky is clear in the day time and we can see the sun , it 'shines' on us bringing 'light' and 'heat' so we are warm and the world around us is illuminated so that we can see things in and on it!

So ! the colours of the 'rainbow'.

Created when the sun shines through 'droplets' of water.

Water droplets are made up of water molecules, millions of them because they are so small,and each molecule is constructed of 3 parts called - Atoms

2 (parts) Hydrogen Atoms 

and 1 (part) Oxygen Atom chemically known as H20


These Atoms are linked together as a molecule in a

 'very strong' stabilising bond.