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The Universe is a massive 'space' full of amazing sights and amazing 'stuff' some that we know, some that we think we know, but much more that we have no idea about!

The Glitzi stories are a fantasy or fairy tale series about the Glitzi characters and the 'Malvicieux Gum', a bad character that comes to our planet Earth to cause havoc !  

In the 'space' miles and miles away in 'light years' is a little planet, similar to ours in so much that it has an atmosphere for 'air' breathing creatures to live that is called planet Glitzi..

On this planet live the Gums, lots of Gums who have a very special Magic that enables them to travel by surfing along the suns beams, and there are a lot of suns and beams to surf on!

Now then this little diagram is a symbolic picture of a water molecule made up of 2 Hydrogen Atoms (Glowing as the large blue sphere atomic centres) and the larger Oxygen Atom (Glowing as the large grey sphere atomic centre).

These 3 atoms have encasing them, little electrons , whizzing around in the dark blue colours. The whizzing around of the electrons creates a 'space' around the atomic centres (known as the nuclei) of the atoms that make up the molecule.

Now when light travels it passes through this space exciting the electrons in their 'whizzing' and causes a 'pump like action' that passes the light and heat energies out and onwards, in two forms, 

1 nearly equally equivalent to the entry light energy and its residual degraded level and 

2. one in the 'thermal' frequency band, lower in energy than that required to be in the light band so infra red (heat).

These 'invasions' (A) of the molecule and 'emissions' (B) from the molecule are shown as a small bright blue dot (A) and the two small blue 'dots' with purple 'fur' (B) 'whizzing' of to the next 'touching' molecule.

But !  these dots are NOT particles they are Energy Waves so carry NO mass. 

Just think how clogged up your eyes would be with all the light particle mass over the years of 'looking' !!!!

This is how 'light' travels, degrades and gives thermal detectable emissions !!